Concrete Construction Estimator

Concrete estimators predict the cost and quantity of concrete materials needed for construction projects by researching data and factors relevant to the project. A bachelor’s degree in a field such as building or construction science is usually required for employment, though a candidate without a degree who has an extensive amount of experience in construction may also be considered. On-the-job training is required for the position regardless of a candidate’s education. Certification, while not required, is also an option for concrete estimators who want to bolster their professional recognition.

Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Building or Construction Science (in most cases)
Other Requirements: On-the-job training
Projected Job Growth: (2012-2022)26% all cost estimators)
Median Salary: $54,120 (all cost estimators)
Source: PayScale

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Many employers prefer to hire concrete estimators who have a bachelor’s degree. Applicable majors for this job include building science, construction science, and construction management. All these degree programs include coursework on cost estimating. Internships and previous work experience in construction is usually necessary. In some cases, an experienced construction worker can transition to this career without a college degree.

Job training is necessary for this position even with previous experience and education. Every construction company handles estimation costs differently. New concrete estimators are paired up with experienced estimators. A concrete estimator first learns how to read blueprints and other construction specifications. Afterward, a concrete estimator is taken out to work sites to learn how to measure and estimate costs with routine tasks.

Certification is also looked upon highly. While certification isn’t mandatory, many concrete estimators obtain a certification in order to be professionally recognized. Many different organizations offer certification, and the requirements can vary in each organization. The Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis requires a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of work experience ( After meeting the eligibility requirements, a concrete estimator has to pass an examination and regularly meet re certification requirements.