Fire Protection Specialist

Fire protection specialists develop solutions that protect individuals, property, homes, and buildings from fire damage. These professionals often use sophisticated modeling software to analyze the risk of fire at various locations. Fire protection specialists can be fire inspectors or occupational health and safety technicians. This occupation requires at least a high school diploma; training and certification requirements can vary.

Job Description

Through preventative work, a fire protection technician protects human life and property from fire damage. Fire protection technicians may be employed by the government, by firehouses, or by companies in the private sector, such as insurance groups, fire protection equipment manufacturers, or consulting firms. Technicians are sometimes trained in fire prevention techniques within a specific setting. For instance, they could train to work in the oil industry, at a nuclear power plant, or in an aerospace environment. Fire protection technicians may also travel frequently.
Like other safety technicians, successful fire protection technicians usually are responsible, pay strict attention to detail, and communicate well with others. Fire protection technicians often need to read and understand complicated technical documents. Other requirements might include knowledge of fire protection measures against terrorist threats or natural disasters.

Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent, generally; post-secondary certificate or associate’s degree program may be needed for occupational health and safety technicians
Other Requirements: Relevant fire fighting experience; on-the-job training; voluntary professional certifications
Projected Job Growth (2012-2022): 6% (fire inspectors and investigators)
Median Annual Salary: $50,389 (fire inspectors and investigators)
Source: PayScale

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Job Duties

Fire protection technicians analyze existing protection measures and design up-to-date fire protection systems. These professionals might also consult with architects or other industry experts to design safe buildings or transportation vehicles. Work can involve researching new issues in fire prevention and developing solutions, sometimes with the use of advanced computer modeling systems, to predict the occurrence and spread of fire. A fire protection technician might test the ability of particular chemicals to suppress fire or perform research on existing fire prevention techniques. Risk analysis might also be a component of fire protection technician work.