Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Grant

The Frank Bracco Memorial, Frank Bracco founded Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. (MPI) in 1975 out of the trunk of his car. He was never afforded the opportunity to attend college and opened up MPI because plumbing was something he learned in New Jersey, was passionate about, and knew if he worked hard he had a future. His core beliefs were to be honest, have integrity, and be a person of your word no matter the cost because his word was his bond. Frank was one of the founders of the local plumbing apprenticeship program. He taught plumbing after hours early in his career and always believed strongly in the trades, apprenticeship and affording people an education so they could better themselves. Frank thought that while college may not be for everyone the trades will always be needed and once the skill was learned no one could take it away from you.

The Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Grant is a Fund that empowers people to pursue their career in the construction industry. Whether the candidate is a new entrant to the industry or a seasoned professional that needs help seeking a new opportunity this program is meant to aid and endow those with a legitimate need. It was initiated in 2017 by iBuildCentralFlorida Chartering President Debbie Rodriguez. This grant program is intended to be funded by charitable contributions, and by the fundraising activities of volunteers in the iBuildCentralFlorida community. The determination of award to applicants will be defined by need, eligibility, and available funds. While this program is intended to help a wide range of applicants in the construction industry no guarantee of award is implied or intended.

Eligibility / Requirements:

The Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Program Grant candidate must demonstrate:

  • Financial need.
  • Desire for employment or current employment in the construction industry.
  • Intended use of funds. Program / or Education path of enrollment. For example: is the applicant seeking a certification or trade school to further their construction career?
  • Complete the online form


The Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Grant is a Fund that is intended to help those who need help when they are in their time of need. When an application is received, it is the intention that the representatives in the Grant Committee review the application in a timely manner and get with the committee members to determine if the need is proven to be warranted.


The Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Grant award amounts will be determined solely by the Grant Committee based on their evaluation of the applicants need, application, and available program funds. There is no minimum or maximum award amount. The proposed recipient must prepare a letter of acknowledgement upon notification of award prior to being issued a check or pay direct to vendor.


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