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We build partnerships with Education, Industry, and the Community to provide pathways towards rewarding careers in Construction.

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Connecting the Classroom

Active trade professionals come into classrooms to share with students what is currently happening in the field.  Educators welcome our work, and students embrace the opportunities to learn about new career choices

iBuild Carpentry Apprenticeship

This is a four-year apprenticeship program that provides training on the jobsite and two nights of classroom instruction. Upon completion of the program, program participants will receive their journeyman’s card and have the skills to work in a variety of craft trades.


iBuild Corrections Pre-Apprenticeship

This state registered pre-apprenticeship program is currently held at Polk Corrections where we are working with those who have less than a year left in their sentencing and teaching them safety, construction basics, and exploring various trades with them. This way when they’re released, they can be hired by one of our partners and enrolled in the second year of an apprenticeship program of their choosing. We utilize book work, hands-on learning, and virtual reality components.

iBuild Mobile Pre-Apprenticeship

This state registered pre-apprenticeship program allows us to take the classroom to your jobsite! It utilizes classwork and hands-on learning to teach construction basics, blueprint reading, safety, and explore various trades so they are better equipped to decide what apprenticeship they may want to enroll in. We are currently launching this program at the Turner-Kiewit Orlando airport jobsite.

Frank Bracco iBuild Up Grant

The Frank Bracco Memorial iBuild-Up Grant is a fund that empowers people to pursue their career in the construction industry. Funding supports purchasing tools/boots, training cost, and more.

Jeremy Joseph Pratt, Jr - Mental Health Outreach Services Fund

This fund was created in memory of Jeremy Joseph Pratt, Jr to provide assistance to youth struggling with mental health issues.

iBuild Invitational

This is an annual event we host that includes a job fair, various skilled trade competitions (high school and adult categories) taking place throughout the morning, and a “signing” at the end of the event. Local companies can “sign on” job fair attendees and skilled trade competitors by making an offer and hiring them on the spot.

iBuild Warehouse

iBuild works with our partners to collect any scrap jobsite materials that could be utilized in the classroom or educational programs. On top of scrap materials, we also receive a fair amount of donations from community partners wanting their tools, machinery, or excess materials to go towards helping the future workforce. Due to this we have a warehouse where we store these donations and an online portal where we keep an inventory with picture posted for members to request. We then schedule delivery or pick up of these materials for schools and programs across Central FL.

School Board Jobsite Visits

Ending the negative stigma surrounding the construction industry goes far beyond informing the youth, it stretches all the way to the teachers, the guidance counselors, the parents, and the school boards. Knowing this, iBuild works with our educational and industry partners to schedule jobsite field trips for these groups. During these trips, we discuss the various careers available within construction, the education that goes obtaining them, and the benefits of working within the industry. We have construction workers (laborers, carpenters, superintendents, engineers, project managers, etc.) of various backgrounds give presentations on how they got to where they are today, the challenges they faced, and what they enjoy about the work they do. All of this, mixed with actually walking a jobsite, really opens their eyes to the lucrative and meaningful career opportunities available in the construction industry.

iBuild Summer Camps

We are on our second year of running a middle school summer camp in Lake County where we expose students to various skilled trades and types of construction by bringing in partners for hands-on activities and interactive presentations. iBuild is also starting a camp in partnership with NextStep and EmployU the summer of 2021, utilizing a similar format as our middle school camp with youth and young adults who have learning and developmental disabilities. In doing so, we will also partner them with training programs and potential employers.

iBuild Infrastructure Apprenticeship Program

This state registered 4-year apprenticeship program is the first of its kind! It focuses on all aspects of horizontal construction including roadworks, heavy civil, infrastructure, and more. We are starting this program in collaboration with Wharton-Smith, Inc., Garney Construction, and Mack Contracting.

iBuild Pinellas Pre-Apprenticeship Program

This state registered pre-apprenticeship program will allow for high school students in Pinellas county to earn while they learn and be directly exposed to the construction industry. Students will get OSHA and First Aid/CPR certified as well as learn construction basics during the school year and over summer be paired with a participating employer to get hands on experience on a jobsite.
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